The next time you wish to spend some money on yourself or want to gift something to someone, think about whether you want an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life or an object that will soon be forgotten among other things that you buy. Travel, because it will change you.

Traveling can be an enlightening experience. There are various reasons why one should always choose traveling to a new place over any other investment on an object. Here’s a list of reasons why I believe traveling is the best:

It expands your mind: When you travel, you get along with people having various perspectives, ideas, and inclinations. They might be the things that you’ve never thought of. Hence, it adds to your understanding of the world. Not just that, you get to share your own opinion. It is a give-and-take process. Moreover, you get to meet people from different cultures and social settings.


It liberates you: There are certain limitations that one has to adhere to when they are methodically following their routine. Travel liberates you from that routine. You travel to a place where no one knows you, where you’re an absolute stranger and everybody is an absolute stranger to you. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be the person who you truly are – beyond judgments and apprehensions. Traveling gives you that opportunity, the opportunity to be you. Maybe explore your own self while you’re out exploring the foreign lands.

A break from routine: No matter how much you love doing what you do, there is a point when it starts to feel monotonous. A break from the routine at that point is paramount. You’ve got to pamper yourself for all the hard work that you do regularly. It has been scientifically proven that investing in experiences gives us more happiness than buying stuff. Science backs traveling.

Food: Who doesn’t love food? Imagine going to the North-East India, or to Rajasthan, perhaps Kerala, I am sure they have various delicacies that those “Authentic South Indian” places (and the likes) in your city doesn’t serve, or perhaps even know of. Traveling gives you an opportunity to satisfy your taste buds by exposing them to various authentic tastes across the vast lands.



Nature: Everybody knows how inspiring nature can be. When you’re trekking to a hill-top or riding to a beautiful place to watch the breathtaking sunset, you might not get a very strong network on your phone, but I am assured you’ll find an unbreakable connection with the mother nature. She has so many things to offer if only one is receptive to them. Nature, with all her shades and forms, offers epiphanies galore, all we have to do is look at the right place.


So, in essence, the next time you get an impulse to go travel and explore the world, let it manifest. You’ll return a better human. A free human.


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