Lessons Learned

The most important lesson that I have learned is to not settle. This is the one lesson that I have most recently learned. I thought of it this way. I have always been an average kid with extraordinary goals and where I am now is not even remotely close to where I want to be. Now that I analyze my decisions, one thing is abundantly clear, that I settled at every crucial point in my life. Some people do not have any other option but most of us do, but we do not have the insight or the audacity to take the road less taken or, should I say, to get out of our comfort zone. Hence, my first idea of life is to be relentless in the pursuit of the goals that are paramount and not to settle for anything less than that.

While analyzing what I have done, I came across another thing which came to me as a shock rather than a lesson. The fact that we are all self-centred. Self-centred not in the sense that we put our interests above everyone else’s but in the sense that we seek our own appreciation more than anyone else’s. Let me put it this way. Everybody in any room wants to someday look up in the mirror and tell themselves that they have done the thing that they have wanted to do. or more dramatically, they want to look into their own eyes and tell themselves that they are proud of themselves. For example, the primary purpose for a kid is not to hear from his parents that he has achieved something but hearing it from himself that he is the reason why his parents are happy, or whatever the case be. The latter part is not generally understood, actually not understood at all, but it is the truth. I know it for a fact. Until and unless you yourself appreciate your deeds and achievements, no one else’s would matter. This is something to think over.

Following this line of thought, I concluded the third most important learning which is to not take shit from others. In a more decent language, don’t take any claim, comment, or remark that will hamper with your positivity. Only accept the things that empower you as a person and dignify you as a human being. If you believe in the things that do not empower you, your spirit will eventually wither away and you will be just as good as someone who is following the masses. Your individuality will be lost under the burden of the opinions and judgments that other people make about you. I believe that every person is rooting for me to succeed. If something does not suit my way of life or thinking, it motivates me to get rid of it and to rise above it. Making peace does not always work. I believe that the worst thing that ever happened to our race is the feeling of pity. Pity, whether self or drawn towards someone else, is the worst thing. People more often than not think about why they are not good enough or things that they don’t have or things that others have. This kind of thought incites the feeling that I have already talked about and that is external validation. If you are not confident of yourself, if you think that you are not enough or you are not capable, you tend to find external support and it renders you too much dependent even if you should not be. Our mind is capable of unimaginable things and it is also a prison that contains our freedom. Literally.

And last, Motivation is like taking a bath- it does not last forever, that is why it is recommended daily.


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