My Fear of Love

I fear to fall for you. I fear, not your reluctance, but your negligence. I fear you might not understand what I mean when I say I love you. I fear you might take me for some teenage guy who is driven by your sheer beauty, your moon-like face, your cloud-like hair, your impeccable lips, your stars like eyes, your broad smile; I fear my emotions getting misinterpreted.

I fear you might not ever understand that you inspire my soul more than you calm my heart. I fear my heart being declared guilty for the crime it did not commit. I fear it all, yet, I fear nothing, for more love I feel for you, more strength my heart gains, and it flies even higher. Free. Unbounded.

I fear to love you to the point where cities won’t matter, distances won’t matter, day and night won’t matter, dawn and dusk won’t matter, rains and thunder won’t matter, sunshine and winds won’t matter… I won’t matter. Only you will.

I fear not a broken heart, but a heart so strong that it fails to give up.


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