Life hasn’t been my ally – so I thought – until very recently when I realized the contrary. Life is, in fact, everyone’s best friend and the most didactic adventure that you are perpetually experiencing. If you try to remember the person you were a few years ago, do you realize that you have changed for the better? Do you realize that you have evolved to be a better human? Yes? This is what life does to you. It teaches you lessons no other person or thing can possibly teach.

Life knows when you’re ready for something. Don’t be hasty about getting anything, for if you are not ready to handle it, you might break it and lose it forever. Trust the flow of life as it goes. It tests you often, reinforce your faith, or maybe dwindle it at times, but all in all, it always shows you the silver lining – the purported light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do is keep moving.

Serendipity is as beautiful a phenomena as the feeling it invokes. It’s like stumbling onto something you were not looking for, or maybe were, at the level you were not consciously aware of. Maybe you were in fact longing for it, in your dreams perhaps, or in your conversations; maybe in the sound of the waves, or in solitude – for the¬†universe is not used to giving freebies. It gives you things when you are ready to handle them. It teaches you things to prepare you for its master plan – the grand scheme of things you were destined for. Believe in it. Believe in the energy that flows through it. Be the channel of those energies. Allow it to be your master, embrace it, love it, and trust it. For everything it offers you is destined to teach you something. It will either be a beautiful memory or a beautiful lesson.


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