Is it really the end?

The world is coming to an end. That’s a very bold statement from someone who is mostly oblivious to almost everything happening around him. But perhaps, this nescient attitude has led me to make such a remark. I am not saying this because I am a follower of the Mayan Civilization or because I am a believer of some other theory that has not yet surfaced, but I am confident about this because I am an admirer of human stupidity and arrogance.

Humans, Homo sapiens, the social animal, the most evolved creature, by its very nature has a longing to excel, to be at the top, be it against the insurmountable forces of nature or the fellow creatures of the planet earth. This desire to excel is often shrouded by a veil of curiosity- as they call it. The quarter mile high skyscrapers, the expeditions to the far reaches of the universe, exploration of the deepest oceans and voyages to the most hostile parts of this earth, all propelled by one and one force alone-curiosity. But almost always we fail to acknowledge the fact that this curiosity is further driven by our craving to conquer anything and everything. According to me, this reason is entrenched in the subconscious of our race and therefore we often fail to admit it.  And those who have realized it will unarguably admit the fact that it will lead to no good. Alfred Nobel, the great man who invented dynamite, regretted it the moment he realized what his invention could be used for. Not just him, but many others who had the so-called “curiosity” to understand the “science of everything”, and do and invent things for the common good realized that those inventions will not be used for what they were invented for because that is not who we really are. We are rather self-centered than curious. As a result, our resources are depleting faster than ever, countries are fighting with each other, vying for supremacy, and weapons with the potential to level entire cities are being developed in the name of defensive strategies.

Human ambition is moving at an unmatched pace, which is a very good sign but the direction in which they are heading isn’t. Is being prudent at this time enough? While writing this I am trying to be as much practical and pragmatic as I could be, and so have many, but it has never been enough. We need to act now before it is too late for us to retract. Doing things that have never been done before, inventing technology that was never envisioned, producing hardware that will mitigate every effort we wish to make, will this really be helpful in the long run? The real question we need to ask ourselves is that “will our ambitions prove us as judicial and intelligent or egoistic fools?”

Now, the question is, what direction should we be headed then?  A pessimist might say that the situation is already out of control and nothing can be done. An optimist might say that things will turn up good no matter the adversities that we might have to face. A theologian might say that surrender to the will of God and He will take care of every bad deed that we have done. But according to me, the true answer lies in the amalgamation of all of the above. Yes, we will have to face adversities in our path to the greater good, but for making things right, we have to be our own God before it is too late.


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