Book Review: Scion Of Ikshvaku

The fourth book by the previously acclaimed author – Amish Tripathi.
I guess that most of those who loved the first book of the Shiva Trilogy would be disappointed after reading this book. The imagination, the twists, and the bends to the mythological facts were pleasing and kept me going through the book, but the descriptions of the cities, technologies of those times and related things were a bit too tedious and more of repetitive in nature. The Nagas concept has always been intriguing and I loved how certain characters were portrayed. But again, certain depictions didn’t quite fit in and felt like a poor attempt by the author to excite the readers. For me, as a reader and a fan of the Shiva Trilogy, it was a disappointing failure.

I love Amish’s imagination but sadly this book has not psyched me up and unlike Immortals of Meluha, has not rendered me longing for its sequel.


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