Dear Best Friend

So many things have accrued over the years that a few words just won’t be enough. I want to tell you so many things. Above all, I want to apologise. I may have been distant, but I was never away. … More Dear Best Friend


My Fear of Love

I fear to fall for you. I fear, not your reluctance, but your negligence. I fear you might not understand what I mean when I say I love you. I fear you might take me for some teenage guy who is driven by your sheer beauty, your moon-like face, your cloud-like hair, your impeccable lips, … More My Fear of Love


There is something different about the feeling of belongingness. You can try hardest for it and you might fail, or you might not try at all and still feel you belong with someone. The belongingness may or may not be of the romantic kind – so may love. … More Tinderella

The Letter

The obvious question is why was I looking for you in the first place? Well, the answer is also obvious if you have understood what I have been saying since we started talking – I was looking for your kind of person to have our kind of conversations. … More The Letter


Life knows when you’re ready for something. Don’t be hasty about getting anything, for if you are not ready to handle it, you might break it and lose it forever. Trust the flow of life as it goes. … More Serendipity